Sterile Processing Technician

Cornerstone has exceeded my expectations. The SPT course was so much more than just going through the motions. Lab time was structured in such a way to give me time to think. The class was structured to fit my learning style which is "learn by example". I would recommend this institution to anyone. LOOK NO FURTHER!

----Timothy Johanesburg


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    Cornerstone International College has provided specialized training in the medical career fields, where demand for skilled and educated employees is great. Today, our certificates are well respected and valued among a growing number of employers across Northern California.

    Business Education Partnership Program
    Cornerstone International College's Business Education Partnership Program presents employers with a unique opportunity to market their company and provide outreach to the community. The externship is designed to be a short-term interaction to foster career education, shadowing, and mentoring and usually offers no pay. We believe that relationship are essential to strategic partnerships. The more ways we find to connect businesses and organizations to great and superior superior resources, the better the synergies we are able to foster within the community. These mutually beneficial relationship allow us to both achieve even greater success. If you are interested in sponsoring an externship program in your facility or work site, please complete the form below.

    To see the list of our business education partners, please consider being part of such growing list by clicking PARTNER WITH US. 

    Posting a Job Opening
    If you have a job opening in the allied health, business, continuing education, online learning, or technology, and are interested in hiring a Cornerstone International College student or graduate, please fill out the form below or you can attach your job description and one of our Administrative Officers will be in contact with you.The following information is needed in order to post a job opening:

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